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How Simplifying Your Donation Process Will Increase Donations

March 29, 2018 

Rebecca Scaife, Assistant Head of Advancement at Pulaski Academy, was looking for a solution to raise money for her school’s endowment and annual funds. She aimed to simplify the donation process and make things as easy as possible for contributors.

With our tools, it was easy for Rebecca to set up the donation page, even though she had no prior IT knowledge. And after events, she was able to send out links to her fundraising thermometer along with PowerPoint presentations. Parents and students loved keeping track of donations on the fun, interactive display!

Although there were some initial concerns about inputting credit card information, Text to Give has quickly proven itself as the most effective way to boost donations for her school. They’re never going back to the old system!

Rebecca Scaife
(Pulaski Academy)


Rebecca was impressed with Give by Cell’s ultra-easy setup. Uploading images, choosing a background, and customizing your page is simple—and you’ll even be able to set custom donation amounts!

Reach your Donors where they are already. Rebecca found that the top donation time was while parents were waiting in the carpool line! Late at night was a close second.

Top-notch customer service keeps everyone satisfied! Rebecca describes how if donors ever experience an issue, we’re only a call/text message away.

It’s easy to customize our live Screencast Thermometer. Rebecca chose to display donor names to build a bit of friendly peer pressure, and raised almost $6,000 in 10 minutes!

With our tools, you’ll be able to post instructional videos, how-to lists, images, spreadsheets, and any other type of media you can think of to assist your campaign.

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How Simplifying Your Donation Process Will Increase Donations

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