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Shake up Your 2020 Fundraising Strategies with Mobile

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January 14, 2020

2020 is finally here, but with it comes new stress about how to make your fundraising campaigns the most effective yet.  

So when you’ve exhausted the same funding methods year after year, how can you still compete for donor dollars, expand your base, and surpass goals? 

Our thousands of nonprofit clients say Mobile Technology is the answer. 

Mobile Solutions expert, Patty Ruland discussed how mobile technology: 

  • Makes it effortless to give — donors simply whip out their phones to text in an amount
  • Helps connect you with new donors and strengthen current relationships through personalized text message campaigns 
  • Adds a fun, competitive element to any event with a Fundraising Thermometer - as donations come in, guests watch the Thermometer rise in real-time

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Shake up Your 2020 Fundraising Strategies with Mobile

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