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Pharmacists Use Text Message Giving to Raise Donations This Spring

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April 22, 2021

In our webinar with John Little, Executive Fellow with the American Pharmacists Association, John shares his experience using Give by Cell’s mobile donate platform at a recent virtual event.

Here are the highlights:

Convincing Organization Leadership to Adopt Mobile Fundraising

“My team was actually very open to it. Mobile is so commonplace now. It really wasn't seen as a burden at all, but more of an ease of use because you’ve always got it on you.”

Easy to Implement

“When we spoke with Give by Cell, we realized this is going to be super easy to implement. That is the feedback we got from people that used it.” 

ROI: Doubling Fundraising Goal

“We were very pleasantly surprised. We doubled our original fundraising goal for this event. For that reason, we're already planning on using this again in the future.”

Using Mobile During a Virtual Event

“One of the benefits that I realized is if people are using their computers to watch a webinar, they want that screen for the webinar. So it makes a lot of sense to use your phone to make the donation. You don't have to switch screens.”

When to Promote the Key Word and Short Code

“I advise that you start promoting it a couple days before the event. It gives the campaign some lead time and spreads the word. Even a few days after our main event, we kept the campaign going. That was super beneficial.”

Customizing the Donation Form

“Typically, we target gifts of higher amounts. We customized the donation amounts on the form to meet our needs. Most people picked one of the preset amounts. That was a big advantage for us.”

Allowing Donors to Choose Where Donation is Spent

“We wanted to make sure that people who texted in could donate to the cause that they wanted to support. One example that you see on the drop down menu is COVID-19 heroes. That campaign is to support pharmacists on the front lines--our COVID-19 heroes working hard to get people immunized.”

Tying a Campaign to a Specific Cause

“When we highlighted certain campaigns during our event, we started seeing those funds come through to those specific campaigns. It speaks to the effectiveness of mobile giving because once we talked about it and got people excited, they gave.”

Thanking Donors in Real Time Builds Momentum

“From the dashboard, I could see in real time as the donations were coming through. So as I saw it, I would say thank you in the chat and then post their initials. It built momentum because people think ‘They gave 100, let's see if I can beat that,’ and then dominoes kept falling.”

Donors Covering Credit Card Fees

“There is a feature on the mobile donate platform that allows people to check a box and basically reimburse you for credit card fees. We made it optional, but I don't think there was anybody that unchecked the box, so donors paid the fees for us. That's another 3%.“

Older Donors Using Mobile

“Most of our donors are older and they had no problem with this. They actually appreciated the simplicity instead of writing a check and sending it.”

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Pharmacists Use Text Message Giving to Raise Donations This Spring

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