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New Ways To Increase Donations w/ L.A.A.N.E. & Safe and Sound

January 23, 2018

Give by Cell turns things around for nonprofits, allowing them to meet their donation goals at last! Event tools like Screencast Thermometer help to energize the audience, and kept donations rolling in all night.

Listen as Nisha Randhava describes how her nonprofit, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, used donation cards at all their fundraisers. They weren’t seeing the results they needed with this method, and ran into countless issues. Credit cards wouldn’t go through, people would forget to turn their cards in, and goals weren’t being met. Nisha turned to Give by Cell to solve these issues and help collect even more donations.

Ryan Hazelton from Safe & Sound had awesome results with our Screencast Thermometer as well. At his charity cocktail party, an event held predominantly for millennials, he had great success with our tools. In fact, he met his donation goal of $60,000 within two minutes!

Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Nisha Randhava
(Development Associate, LAANE)


Donation cards weren’t cutting it for Nisha’s organization. Credit cards were failing, people forgot to turn their cards in, and they missed out on countless donations.

At her charity events, Nisha kept the audience energized with our Screencast Thermometer. Seeing the donations onscreen kept the audience engaged, and they were far more likely to make a donation.

With our tools, all the pitfalls of donation cards are overcome at last. Donors will be able to contribute instantly from their phones, and they’ll even receive convenient mobile receipts.


Ryan Hazelton
(Individual Giving Offier, Safe & Sound)


At a small event geared towards millennials, Ryan realized the potential of mobile donations. He was able to meet his goal of $6,000 within two minutes.

With our tools, setting up your donation campaign is easier than ever. Ryan’s younger volunteers were easily able to assist the older crowd when they had minor setbacks.

Ryan stresses the importance of knowing your donor crowd beforehand. He creates custom donation buttons before each event based on how much he expects the attendees to contribute.

With mobile giving, the tedious checkout process of paddle-raise events is a thing of the past! Our text message reminders make following up with donors easy as well.


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New Ways To Increase Donations w/ L.A.A.N.E. & Safe and Sound

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