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Mobile Phones are Replacing the Paddle Raise at Events

March 6, 2018

Expect Miracles Foundation is a nonprofit organization that invests in cancer research and patient care. One of the foundation’s board members saw Give by Cell in action at an event, and knew right away that he needed to secure the technology for his own organization.

Maggie Dombroski, the foundation’s Assistant Director, was immediately impressed by how Give by Cell boosted donations at her organization’s golf tournaments and dinners. In the past, her organization used pledge cards at their annual Wine and Spirits Gala. Volunteers would have to collect countless cards and check out guests at the end of the event, which was extremely tedious.

Before using our Give by Cell, Expect Miracles Foundation collected 20k at the most for each event. After switching to Give by Cell’s Screencast Thermometer, donations increased rapidly. They nearly met their goal of $60,000 before their next gala even started!

Bonnie Emberton of Orthopedic Trauma Association had similar results with Give by Cell at her annual meeting. Pre-event donations skyrocketed, and they had excellent results getting people to donate by text. Everyone enjoyed seeing their names on our Screencast as well!

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Maggie Dombroski
(Expect Miracles Foundation)


Dealing with pledge cards was a tedious, impractical task for Maggie’s volunteers. Handing out and collecting the cards was time-consuming, and it started to take a toll on their donations.

Before her gala began, Maggie’s organization allowed donors to contribute through text. They also shared a link to our Screencast Thermometer, which let everyone watch donations coming in. They ended up bumping their goal from $60,000 to $100,000 because of the massive success!

Maggie’s older donor base isn’t always comfortable with mobile. By providing a bit of extra guidance, her organization eliminated extra steps and watched the donations pour in!

With our user-friendly interface, there’s no need to be nervous! Consider asking a reliable, long-time donor to take the leap and make the first donation, and then the others will follow.
Bonnie Emberton
(Orthopaedic Trauma Association)


Bonnie’s organization was able to seek donations before the event using our tools. Our Screencast Thermometer was a hit, and everyone had fun watching the names scroll by.

Despite a few initial concerns, Bonnie says that everything went flawlessly at her event. Give by Cell’s attentive support team made things easy for everyone.

Bonnie couldn’t believe how many people were willing to donate through mobile using credit cards. Her organization even ended up exceeding their goal!

With Give by Cell, many members who never contributed to past fundraisers donated for the first time. Thanks to our easy-to-use mobile tools, they had 39 first-time donors.

Bonnie attributes the success of her last fundraiser to Give by Cell. She realizes that using mobile for the first time boosted donations and increased engagement.

Our reports showed that users were willing to go the extra mile to make sure their mobile donations went through. One donor even made three attempts!

Pre-event solicitation builds excitement and makes a big difference! Everyone wanted to keep the momentum going after the first few donations rolled in.

Mobile Phones are Replacing the Paddle Raise at Events

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