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Making more with recurring donations


August 14, 2018 

Guest speaker, Stephen Giordano MorningStar Ministries

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Stephen Giordano
(MorningStar Ministries)


MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, SC used mobile giving with Screencast for the first time during their event and the donors' reaction was unbelievable!

MorningStar Ministries was able to raise on average more than $100 more per donor and surpassed previous years using this Give by Cell feature.

Why the Annual Giving Manager of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill thought that using mobile platform at their fundraising was least stressful.

How MorningStar Ministries decided to extend using Give by Cell mobile services beyond their event

Stephen Giordano, the Annual Giving Manager at MorningStar Ministries explains how simple it was to set up Screencast

Stephen Giordano of MorningStar Ministries reveals how mobile donating can crate options, even if you have an older donor base.

I can’t imagine doing another event without it!” Stephen Giordano talks about the power of Screencast.

How do you handle an older donor base who may not be familiar with giving by phone? Stephen Giordano explains how MorningStar Ministries approached the problem.

You will not believe how the accounting department of MorningStar Ministries reacted when they saw the reports generated by Give by Cell's mobile platform after the fundraising event.

“It must have been the most talked about thing on our survey!” MorningStar Ministries couldn’t believe the reaction to adding mobile giving at their events.


Making more with recurring donations

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