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How Mobile Takes the Friction Out of Fundraising


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March 5, 2019

The impressive Van Andel Institute fights against cancer and Parkinson's. We sit down with Allyson Huttenga of Van Andel as she shares their story of using mobile giving to fuel that fight.

Learn how switching to a virtual paddle raise for signature galas is just one of the many ways to increase fundraising effectively. In the webinar, Allyson shares how mobile can delight gala guests with its ease of use.


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Allyson Huttenga,
(Volunteer and Community Relations at Van Andel Institute)


You will never guess what made Van Andel Institute decide to switch to mobile texting for their fundraising events!.

You can't believe how mobile changed Van Andel Institute's fundraising experience for their development team and the donors alike.

Allyson of Van Andel Institute revealed they were blown away at the success of the fundraising when they started using mobile.

The reason why Allyson and her team prefers mobile site customization will blow your mind.

How mobile giving can be use in auctions when checking out - listen to Allyson of Van Andel Institute to know how it's being done!

Allyson shared a secret on how to go about collecting donor information through their mobile donation page.

How screencast thermometer is the answer to a more exiciting and engaging fundraising?

How did Allyson and her fundraising team get everyone to take their phone out and donate during the event? This very creative idea is jaw-dropping!

First time Allyson used Give by Cell's mobile donate platform in their fundraising - she's confident she knows what she's doing. Listen as she revealed why.

What organizations should know about donation keyword and how they can utilized it for all of their fundraising events.


How Mobile Takes the Friction Out of Fundraising

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