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How Can Dillard University’s Text Message Experience Shape Your Mobile Decisions?

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February 20, 2019

Dillard University’s Director of Development Kimberly Woodard uncovers uses for text messaging in great new ways.


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Kimberley Woodard 
Director of Development


Kimberly Woodard,
(Director of Development & at Dillard University)


The reason why the 2 way communication feature of Engage by Cell's mobile service is what you needed in your company's Development team.

Looking for a software that could help you do the job in development department? Mobile service is the answer!

The Development Director of Dillard University revealed why she loves mobile service and its segmenting audience feature.

Text communication crosses all age, genre, race, and why it's better than any communication options.

Iím glad to have found Engage by Cell" - Kimberly Woodard shares the reason why using mobile service has made her life as Development Director easier, more effecient and more proficient.

Kimberly Woodard revealed she received pushback from her organization and what she did to overcome that pushback.

Dillard University went over their 300K fundraising goal this year - how did mobile service helped them hit and go beyong their goal?

Mobile service is not only about asking money from donors - Kimberly Woodward shares how she utilized texting as tool to cascade updates at Dillard University.

How to make sure that texting does not become a spam service? Listen to this tip from Kim of Dillard University's Development Department.

How did Dillard University made their alumni aware that they are sending text messages and it's not a spam?

What feedback does Dillard University received about the security of their mobile giving page?

Kim tells about how the list building feature of their mobile page and why she loved it.

Kim Woodard shared the secret on how to avoid spamming when sending text messages to multiple segment list.

How to avoid overlapping keywords?

Utilizing the mobile service has made Kim felt like she was a champion.

Kim has finally found that the effective add to her team is not another human but a mobile service that does the job effectively.

Texting VS Emailing: when to use each communication channel?

Dillard University raised 300K in this year's Giving Tuesday - over 100K more compared to last year when they did not utilized mobile service like they should.

Kim Woodard divulge why Engage by Cell's mobile service was the key for her team.


How Can Dillard University’s Text Message Experience Shape Your Mobile Decisions?

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