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The Future of Fundraising

December 11, 2017

The San Francisco Chinese Community Development Center was used to hosting large charity events. In fact, some of their galas drew a crowd of over 800 people! Unfortunately, the donation process wasn’t always easy. In the past, Jeanette had to chase donors down for payments using donation cards. However, after she worked with Give by Cell to implement mobile giving, the donation process was simplified forever.

Our Screencast Thermometer is as user-friendly as it gets. It’s a quick, easy way to get donors excited, and the moment you put it up on the screen, you’ll be able to watch the text donations pour in. Jeanette will never go back to the old methods after having such great success with our services.

Hear selected clips from our guest speaker:

Jeanette Huie
(San Francisco Chinese Community Development Center)


Our tools have helped Jeanette connect with many new donors. She calls each donor after the event, and enjoys having a personal conversation.

Give by Cell’s training has been extremely helpful for Jeanette. Any time she has an issue, she quickly finds a solution with our helpful representatives.

Sometimes, Jeanette creates a video to share with donors during events. Other times, she’ll have one of her clients speak on-stage. She never tells people to take out their phones and make a pledge until towards the end.

The Future of Fundraising

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