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The Future of Mobile Giving

February 22, 2018

Give by Cell is proud to partner with the Mobile Giving Foundation to make life easier for nonprofits across the country! Carrier billing simplifies the mobile donation process, and allows people to make a charitable contribution without the inconvenience of inputting credit card information. Donations can then be viewed in our convenient itemized reporting interface.

In 2007, the release of the original iPhone caused mobile devices to explode in popularity. Soon, over 300 million people were exploring the world of mobile for the first time. Jim Manis saw great potential for charities with this new technology, so he established the Mobile Giving Foundation to revolutionize mobile donations. 

National, regional, and local charities alike can benefit from carrier billing. You’ll be able to push awareness of your cause while soliciting donations across countless platforms, such as e-commerce checkouts and social media pages. Best of all, it only takes 2 to 4 weeks to get approved through the Mobile Giving Foundation!

Jim Manis
(Mobile Giving Foundation)


In 2007, the world of mobile changed forever with the release of the first iPhone. Over 300 million people were using mobile for the first time ever. Jim formed the Mobile Giving Foundation to take advantage of this awesome new technology.

Although carrier billing was used as far back as 2004, it remained disorganized and ineffective until 2007. The Mobile Giving Foundation revolutionized the process for charities across America.

Charities once faced many challenges when trying to expand their donor base, and SMS was the solution. Switching to mobile allowed nonprofits to engage young people for the first time.

Jim believes that all nonprofits should give their donors an option to use carrier billing. This appeals to a wider audience, and allows people without credit cards to contribute as well.

Jim discusses the value of acquiring a donor’s mobile phone number. This allows you to connect with them for a long period of time, and lets you engage with them much more effectively than other methods.

Custom messages allow you to boost engagement and connect with donors on a whole new level! You’ll be able to send out links to your newsletter, collect contact info, and boost donor support.

The Mobile Giving Foundation’s itemized tax receipts allow both donors and nonprofits to keep track of important financial information. Custom ‘thank you’ messages will boost engagement while keeping track of these important records.

The Mobile Giving Foundation is proud to support national, regional, and local charities. Demographic and size are irrelevant—all that matters is your own unique goals!

Jim is happy to guide his clients through the process of getting started with his foundation. He discusses the importance of an application service provider such as Give by Cell.

Consumer interest in mobile devices will only increase in the coming years. Jim is confident that 20% of people that wouldn’t give otherwise will make a contribution because of the convenience of carrier billing.

Letting donors know how their donation was spent is a great way to boost engagement. By following up through text message, you’ll be able to form a long-lasting connection.

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The Future of Mobile Giving

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