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Fundraising for a Purpose

January 9, 2018

Leslie Ladendorf, Museum Operations Director at the Cade Museum, has been working with Give by Cell for the past 3 years. To fund the construction of the Cade Museum, Leslie knew she had to step up her donation game—and donation cards weren’t cutting it anymore. After making the switch to our services, she’s been able to consistently raise $15,000 to $16,000 per event!

Constructing the Cade Museum was a challenge, but thanks to Give by Cell, Leslie was able to get the funding she needed. Now, she knows that every new day is an opportunity to get donations with Give by Cell! She’s able to send donation links to museum visitors and event attendees through text as often as she wants, and the automatic reminders make things easier for everyone.


Hear selected clips from our guest speaker:

Leslie Ladendorf
(Operations Director, Cade Museum)


The Cade Museum has been using our services at their galas for the past 3 years, and Leslie has always been 100% satisfied. At each event, they’ve been able to raise over $15,000.

With our convenient text reminders, donors can contribute on their own terms. You’ll even be able to follow up with automatic reminders if necessary.

Our Screencast Thermometer was a major hit at Leslie’s gala! Everyone loved watching the donations add up in real time, and there was plenty of friendly competition. It was so successful that she ended up raising the donation limit.

Checkbooks are quickly becoming a thing of the past—especially for the younger crowd at the Cade Museum’s galas. Mobile donations through Give by Cell are much easier for everyone.

Fundraising for a Purpose

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