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Best Practices for Fundraising Success with The PHD Project

February 15, 2018

Christina Pazos, Outreach Manager and Program Administrator from The PhD Project, was looking for a way to improve the donation process at her events. She was growing tired of asking donors to fill out checks or write their credit card info on donation cards. At her next event, she quickly found that the Give by Cell mobile donating services were the easiest, fastest way for her organization to raise money.

Christina found that Give by Cell’s mobile donation tools were the missing piece for her charity events. She’s had overwhelming success with the Screencast Thermometer in particular. Guests at The PhD Project’s charity dinners love seeing their names pop up on the screen as they give back!


Cristina Pazos
(The PhD Project)


Our Screencast Thermometer heated things up at all of Christina’s yearly conferences! She knows it’s the best way to encourage everyone to have fun and give back at charity dinners.

With our tools, donors can pledge now and pay later. Christina realizes that not all donors want to pull out their credit card in the heat of the moment, so she sends follow-up emails and texts to collect payments at a more convenient time.

Our convenient follow-up option allows you to connect with donors after the event to collect payments. You’ll also be able to thank donors for attending an event, which helps to build a lasting connection.

At The PhD Project’s charity events, they rarely met their goals with pledge cards and envelopes. After allowing donors to commit to payments through mobile, they hit their goals every time!

Christina takes advantage of all the advanced features our tools have to offer. Now, it’s much easier to to send thank you letters and prepare reports.

 Donation cards and checks could easily be lost, and were also a security risk. Give by Cell’s advanced security makes things much safer for donors.

Recurring payments simplify the giving process for monthly donors. Whether they can afford to give $10 or $1,000, our tools make life easier for everyone.

Although there were some initial concerns about implementing our tools, they were quickly shattered. The popularity of smartphones makes Give by Cell the easiest, most effective way to raise funds in the modern age.

Our Screencast Thermometer creates a bit of friendly competition for donors. They enjoy tracking the progress and watching the donations add up in real time.


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Best Practices for Fundraising Success with The PHD Project

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