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5 Amazing Things Text Messaging Can Do For Your Non-Profit

Jun 20, 2018

Guest speakers, Gabi Lloyd of Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania and Tatianna Peck of Girls, Inc. share with us the latest strategies in mobile engagement.

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Gabi Lloyd
(Development Specialist, Goodwill of Southern Pennsylvania)


You'll never guess what donors thought of mobile donating when it was introduced by Goodwill of Southern Pennsylvania at one of thier events

Goodwill of Southern Pennsylvania was able to use this fashion-forward gimmick to build their contact list, and the public LOVED it!

How Gabby Barrett from American Idol (along with a little help from Give by Cell) helped Goodwillof Southern Pennsylvania have a successful fundraiser.

Gabbi Lloyd from Goodwill of Southern Pennsylvania talks about the kind of push back she's recieved with reminder texts.

Gabbi Lloyd tells us about Goodwill of Southern Pennsylvania's experience with texting: "The more you use it, the more you use it for.


Tatianna Peck
(Donor Relations Manager, Girls Inc. of Alameda County)


Once this had happened, Girls of Alameda, Inc. knew they needed a mobile giving solution for all their events.

Girls, Inc. of Alameda need to maintain their base of older donors. How did they respond to text-to-give?

Between mobile pledges, cash and paper checks, how do you keep all your payments straight? What Girls, Inc. of Alameda did was genious.

Did a fundraising thermometer really help you Girls, Inc. of Alameda reach their fundraising goal? You'd be surprised by the answer.

Some people don't want to have their name on a screen, won't a fundraising thermometer deter them from donating? Not neccessarily.

Tatianna Peck from Girls, Inc. of Alameda tells us the way Screencast can be really effective.

Tatianna Peck from Girls, Inc. says "People catch onto this faster than you think."

Why reminder texts are so important.


5 Amazing Things Text Messaging Can Do For Your Non-Profit

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