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Nonprofits are Going Mobile with Text Messaging and Smartphone Donation Pages

April 11, 2018

Non-profits today face many challenges that they never encountered in the past - most people no longer carry a checkbook, and are no longer interested in donating with checks. Hear speakers, Donna Fisher-Lewis of Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Brecka Putnam of Curesearch for Children's Cancer discuss how mobile services can solve the problems and increase donations.

Donna Fisher-Lewis of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation has utilized our text messaging, Screencast, and mobile donation services to increase charitable contributions. After enabling donors to give via mobile, her organization has seen growth every single year!

Next, Brecka Putnam, from Curesearch for Children's Cancer, shares her story. Her organization was in need of more donations, and Brecka realized that mobile was the answer. After working with our mobile tools, such as our interactive Screencast features, she’s having much better luck meeting her donation goals at events! Marketing her campaign is much easier, and people are more likely to donate on-the-go.

Donna Fisher-Lewis
(Congressional Black Caucus Foundation)


Donna’s organization stuck with Give by Cell even though there was some resistance in the beginning. Six years later, the growth has been tremendous!

Donna’s organization regularly boosts donations at fundraisers and events using Give by Cell. Some of her dinners draw up to 4,000 guests, and many of them are switching from checkbooks to mobile giving.

At charity events, Donna asks guests to take out their phones to support her cause. Guests can reach the donation page by sending a simple text message, and the donation process is streamlined.

It was easy for Donna to personalize her donation interface with her company’s logo, as well as custom donation amounts. She stresses the importance of knowing your audience and starting with lower amounts.

At CBCF’s events, guests loved our interactive donation interface. After seeing the numbers and names pop up on the screen, they couldn’t resist the urge to contribute!

Our reports allow you to track donations for all your fundraising events. The reporting dashboard is vital to understanding your donors as well as the effectiveness of your campaign.

Donna uses #GivingTuesday to boost donations on social media during their year-end campaign. The hashtag has been so successful that now, they include it on everything they send out!


Brecka Putnam
(Curesearch for Children's Cancer)


Brecka uses mobile donating at events where traditional fundraising isn’t effective. Our tools have boosted donations at hiking events, where donation cards and other methods would fail.

By using our live donation thermometer, Brecka’s organization was able to raise over $6,000 in 10 minutes! The friendly “peer pressure” makes people want to keep up with their friends and donate.

Curesearch for Children’s Cancer guides donors through the donation process, and allows them to contribute anything they can afford, no matter how small. Curesearch receives everything from $5 donations to huge amounts.

Our tools allow donors to choose where they’d like their money to go. They’re able to contribute towards specific events, which gives them a sense of satisfaction and control.


Nonprofits are Going Mobile with Text Messaging and Smartphone Donation Pages

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