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Nonprofits are Going Mobile with Text Messaging and Smartphone Donation Pages

April 11, 2018
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Hear speakers, Donna Fisher-Lewis of Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Brecka Putnam of Curesearch for Children's Cancer discuss the types of problems non-profit organization can run into and how mobile services can solve the problems and increase donations.

Donna Fisher-Lewis
(Congressional Black Caucus Foundation)


Grow your individual donor base with text-to-give.

Even the older "checkbook Crowd" has started adopting cell phone use for charitable giving.

"Hold up your phone". Guiding donors through the process to ensure they make their donations.

Setting up your Mobile Donate page is so easy.

Everyone gets their moment to shine with a fundraising thermometer.

The reporting dashboard is vital to understanding your donors as well as the effectiveness of your campaign.

How Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Kicks off their fundraising on #GivingTuesday.


Brecka Putnam
(Curesearch for Children's Cancer)


Mobile Donating provides a more secure and efficient way to give (Even when there's no cell service).

A better option than cash.

Educating your donor base and staff to make the most of your campaign.

Allow donors to specify which fundraiser they want to donate to so that funds go exactly where they want.