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How Child Related Charities are Increasing Donations

April 24, 2018

Hear speakers, Deborah Stellwagen of Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne and Kaila Sassano of Partnership for Drug-Free Kids discuss ways to increase donations and the latest trends in mobile giving.

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Deborah Stellwagon
(Boys & Girls Club Fort Wayne)


Donor cards are cumbersome. Mobile donation is easy.

Ease of use and no limit on donating.

Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne finds great success with Give by Cell.

Learn how Boys & Girls of Fort Wayne raised $17,000 in 45 minuntes.

Give by Cell is easy even for the technology challenged.

There's a report for anything you need to know.

List all your campaigns on your Mobile Donate account and let your donors decide which one they'd like to support.

Give by Cell helps establish donor confidence.


Kaila Sassano (Partnership for Drug-freekids)
(Curesearch for Children's Cancer)


Partnership for Drug Free Kids found 77% of donors use text-to-give.

Reduce your team's time playing collection agency.

Partnership for Drug Free Kids raised double the amount of its previous year with Give by Cell.

Reduce costs by printing less donation cards than won't get used.

We've got you covered with our top-notch customer service.

Reporting on follow-up texts lots you know who to reach back out to again.

Donors expect options in how to give.

Keep in touch with donors with a "thank you" message.