Give by Cell: Marketing (Text to Donate)

November 30, 2017

Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Taylor Ross
(The Westport Country Playhouse)


At our auction gala, some people do not win auctions and that’s money left on the table. So a solution is to incorporate “Text-to-Give” giving them another way to give.

At first, we were afraid that we would capitalized ourselves with the option of Text To Give over or auctions. We worried that neither would meet our goals because people would make donation to only one, but both Texting and Auction met our goals and exceeded them.


Sean O'Donnell
(The Steve Rummler Hope Foundation)


I couldn’t be more thrill with the results from Text-to-Donate. This is something we’ve been wanting to use as a platform to 1) engage donor through mobile and 2) use text messaging through our advocates and volunteers and also collect demographic information.

We have prescheduled a set of messages to go out so even for people who couldn’t attend the event, they would be able to view the donation thermometer going up at home and have them engaged.

We also have an online survey where people text in results. We used to have a pre-stamp postcards for that but over 3 years of running the survey, we’ve only received 2 postcards back but the Text platform is much more engaging and easier.