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The Future of Mobile Giving

February 22, 2018
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Hear from our guest speaker Jim Manis, Founder of the Mobile Giving Foundation on the latest trend of mobile giving and learn about the ways you can utilize mobile in your donation.


Jim Manis
(Mobile Giving Foundation)


2007: The year everything changed.

How carrier billing started.

How mobile carrier billing can expand your donor base.

How donating through MGF works.

Why mobile phone numbers are so important for charities to collect.

Extend user engagement with a fifth message.

With MGF and Give by Cell, the donor interaction is directly with the charity.

For some charities, contact collection is more important than the dollar raised.

What you get with a contract with MGF and an application service provider (ASP) like Give by Cell.

Increase donation by 20% with carrier billing.

Why text reminder can't be spam.

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