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Fundraising for a Purpose

January 9, 2018

Join us and our guest speaker Leslie Ladendorf, Museum Operations Director at Cade Museum.


Hear selected clips from our guest speaker:

Leslie Ladendorf
(Operations Director, Cade Museum)


The form was easy, people donated that night and there are new options within the form. It's easy and if you're used to texting, it's not hard to type in the information.

Once people do not donate immediately you can have preset reminder texts configured that will go out to people who texted in but did not fulfill the donation. Without having to manually go in and manually resend reminders is great.

For our gala, people loved watching the donation thermometer go up. Some people were encouraged to top the thermometer off when they saw we were almost at our goal.

No one carries a checkbook around anymore so this service helps solve that problem along with not having to print out as much material for filling in credit card information. The ease of the mobile donation page really helped.